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Hormone Therapy in Greenwood Village for Increased Bone Density

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on July 2, 2018

Along with age, comes wisdom - and also an increased risk of fractures. As you age, and hormonal changes occur, your bone density decreases, making your bones more susceptible to fracture.

Hormone therapy in Greenwood Village, CO replaces hormones in your body that decrease naturally or as a result of certain health issues. By replacing these hormones, you reduce the prevalence of bone density loss. 

Bone Changes from a Decrease in Hormones

You lose mass and strength in your bones as you get older, in particular, due to hormone loss in both men and women. Researchers understand there's a link between testosterone and bone health for women as well as men. 

Your bone cells constantly replace and repair themselves, but as you age, testosterone levels decrease, which decreases bone rebuilding. Ultimately, this affects lowers bone density and increases a person's risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Estrogen is also necessary in keeping bones healthy, and testosterone converts into two metabolites, one of which is estrogen. 

How Hormone Therapy in Greenwood Village Works

Hormone therapy involves taking a hormone to replace diminished hormone levels. 

Originally, compensating for a low testosterone level entailed using oral, topical, or injectable hormones. Today, you can receive hormone therapy in Greenwood Village using a revolutionary option – pellets. 

Pellets are small cylinders filled with testosterone. Through a small incision on the gluteus maximus, a practitioner inserts the pellet, which delivers testosterone to the body for approximately three to six months. 

Benefits of Hormone Therapy in Greenwood Village Compared to Other Treatments 

Pellets deliver a consistently healthy dose of hormones based on your individual needs, unlike many other hormone replacement therapy options that administer a dose of testosterone that can fluctuate.  

Because the pellet is inserted into your skin, it's a highly effective delivery method, especially in comparison to other options for hormone therapy in Greenwood Village. 

Schedule an appointment today to strengthen and repair your bones using hormone replacement therapy from Belleview Spine and Wellness, serving Greenwood Village, CO and the nearby area. 

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