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How BioTE Hormone Therapy Can Improve Sleep and Energy Levels

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on October 16, 2017

Are you experiencing disrupted sleep, lowered energy levels, lack of focus, depression, and other unwanted symptoms as you’ve gotten older? Then you may be suffering from hormone imbalance. 

Studies demonstrate that balanced hormones are essential in preventing diseases and achieving good health as you get older. But as you age, various changes in your body can eradicate hormones or change their levels. 

Thankfully, there is a way to replicate these hormones – naturally – so you don’t suffer the side-effects caused by synthetic treatments and you enjoy all the benefits balanced hormones provide.

How Does BioTE® Hormone Therapy Work? 

BioTE® hormone therapy is a form of pellet therapy, which replicates the normal level of hormones in your body by using hormones that are derived from soy and wild yam plants. Compared to any other substance, these types of plants boast the highest concentration of hormones. And because the pellets are no longer soy or yam once they’re made, there aren’t any known allergens. 

These pellets are placed under your skin so they consistently release small doses of testosterone and/or estrogen as and when your body requires. For both men and women, this returns your hormone balance to a youthful level, providing you with a new zest for life while also removing any of the unwanted symptoms you’ve been suffering from.

Each treatment lasts approximately 3-6 months, and will depend on your own unique characteristics and how you feel during this time. Often, if you’re under a lot of stress, are very active, or the temperature is very hot, the hormone therapy might not last as long as usual. 

Am I the Right Candidate for BioTE® Hormone Therapy? 

Common symptoms of hormone imbalance include feeling fatigued during the day, difficulty sleeping at night; reduced focus; feeling depressed, anxious, or moody; weight gain (especially around the middle); decreased muscle strength; joint and/or muscle pain; and reduced sexual performance and desire. 

If you’re experiencing one or more of these symptoms, this could be a sign that hormone therapy is right for you. 

After the treatment, many patients state that they have renewed energy, are able to lose weight, have greater muscle strength, feel younger, have a better quality of life, and are preventing age-related illnesses. 

To find out if this hormone therapy is the solution you’ve been looking for, all you need to do is have a blood test to establish your current hormone levels. Should your doctor find that you have an imbalance, you can be referred to your chiropractor in Greenwood Village for insertion of the hormone pellets. It really is that simple!

Don’t go through another sleepless night or experience another day without energy, and book your appointment for hormone therapy at the Belleview Spine and Wellness Clinic today. Just call 303-771-3102 now!



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