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How to Get the VA to Cover Chiropractic

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on December 17, 2019

VA chiropractic careEligible veterans can get VA chiropractic treatment after President George Bush signed the Public Law 107-135 in 2002. In fact, the VA benefits include a minimum of 12 chiropractic visits a year. However, not all veterans are aware that this service is part of their Medical Benefits Package since 2004. 

Colorado Springs chiropractic treatments help numerous people recover from their illnesses, diseases, and disabilities. It also reduces the use of drugs and the need for surgical procedures to treat their ailments. Aside from these, chiropractic therapy also improves joint mobility, loosens tight muscles, and builds up the immune system. 

Two Ways to Receive VA Chiropractic Treatment in Colorado Springs

While all eligible veterans can get chiropractic treatments, not all VA facilities have the capacity to offer this type of alternative medicine service. If a veteran needs a VA chiropractic treatment, he or she can choose between these two options:

1. On-Site VA Chiropractic Treatment

Call the VA primary care provider (PCP) and inquire if they offer this type of service at their facility. If they confirm that they have it, the veteran can request to begin the process for approval. 

2. Private Clinic VA Chiropractic Treatment

If the facility does not provide chiropractic care, the VA can refer the patient to a private clinic. The patient does not need to worry about paying for the therapy because the VA will cover it through the option known as “fee-basis.” Patients also need to get approval from their PCP.  

For veterans who have been suffering from pain, discomfort, and disability, take advantage of this medical benefit. Chiropractic care removes stress on the spine and nerves that weakens and unbalances the body. Take advantage of your VA chiropractic treatment today!

Belleview Spring and Wellness in Colorado Springs have a program called Pain-Free Military. All eligible veterans are welcome to schedule an appointment. You can call them at (719) 246-8441.


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