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Low Back Pain Treatment with Chiropractic Care

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on June 1, 2018

Pain in your lower back can interfere with lifting items or even just normal movement. You might notice you can't perform your job as well as you once could due to pain in your back. 

While you may believe pain is just part of life, low back pain treatment that's natural and noninvasive can combat your pain and help you live a normal life once again. 

About Chiropractic Low Back Pain Treatment

Chiropractic care is a type of treatment that focuses on the spine and how it relates to your pain, mobility issues, and health in general. Basically, this health specialty revolves around how various aspects of the body interrelate to one another. 

In terms of low back pain treatment, a chiropractor restores function and reduces pain by realigning and correcting other issues with the spine that could contribute to your pain and movement problems. 

Common Chiropractic Low Back Pain Treatment 

One commonly used and well-known low back pain treatment is spinal manipulation. This particular treatment consists of a chiropractor realigning the spine manually to take pressure off of the surrounding nerves and soft tissue. It also optimizes blood flow throughout your back – promoting healing.  

Another chiropractic treatment used frequently is decompression therapy, which is when a chiropractor uses a device that gently stretches the spine to take pressure off of the sensitive discs in between the vertebrae. 

A chiropractor may also use exercise therapy to work the affected area and restore your range of motion while decreasing pain. 

Patient education and lifestyle changes are also a vital aspect of chiropractic treatment for your low back pain. 

Benefits of Chiropractic for Low Back Pain Treatment 

Our expert chiropractic treatment for low back pain is all natural, and centers around allowing your body to heal itself. You receive a customized treatment plan that addresses your pain, discomfort, and movement issues, sometimes through multiple modalities.  

Schedule an appointment for low back pain treatment from Belleview Spine and Wellness, serving Greenwood Village, CO and the nearby area, today. 

Our trained staff uses natural remedies tailored to your condition and needs. Contact us by calling 303-771-3102 or using the contact form on our website.

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