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Targeting Neck Pain with Stem Cell Therapy

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on October 19, 2018

If you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, a few treatment options may have been offered to you, including medication and physical therapy. 

But these will only provide temporary relief from your pain. They won’t treat what’s causing it. 

That’s why many are now turning to regenerative medicine – a safe, effective, and natural healing method that’s targeted at eradicating your pain once and for all. 

How Can Stem Cell Therapy Help People with Neck Pain? 

When you have chronic pains in your neck, this is often a sign that the discs of your spine are degenerating. 

Surgery may provide a fix, but stem cell therapy offers a far less invasive solution. 

The result? 

After a short period of time, you should notice a reduction in your neck pain. Some patients even experience a complete elimination of their pain after their very first stem cell injection. 

How Does This Therapy Work? 

Stem cells are our body’s natural way of healing itself. This is due to their amazing ability to transform themselves into a vast array of different cells that the body needs to repair itself. 

From brain cells to cartilage and muscle cells to blood cells, they turn into the cells that are needed most, regenerating and dividing on an ongoing basis for an extended period of time. 

However, when we get older, we have a decreasing amount of these cells in our body – hence, we often take longer to recover from an injury. 

But that’s where stem cell injections can help. 

Using a unique process, we’re able to take stem cells and inject them into the area they’re needed. We guide the injection into the area using an ultrasound for pinpoint precision. 

After the injection, these stem cells get to work rebuilding and restoring the tissues around your spine.  And from start to finish, this whole process only takes less than an hour, so you can return home straight afterward – there’s no need for an overnight stay in hospital like you would with surgery!  

In just three weeks, you should start to notice the overwhelming benefits. 

From neck and shoulder pain to osteoarthritis, find out how stem cell therapy could help you live a pain-free life by calling 303-771-3102.

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