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Treating Shoulder Pain with Stem Cell Therapy

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on January 17, 2018

If you suffer from recurring or chronic shoulder pain as a result of injury, there is a new treatment available that may be a solution for pain management. Stem cell therapy is a new, and innovative treatment for musculoskeletal conditions that are a result of overuse or sports injury. This minimally invasive therapy has been shown to accelerate healing for back pain, arthritis, joint replacement candidates and those suffering from nagging injuries.

Shoulder pain is among the most common symptom of those with rotator cuff injuries. The rotator cuff is a bundle of muscle and tendons that surround the shoulder joint and allow for rotation in the upper arm. Constant use through repetitive motion, or injury from sports, can create tears in the tendons, which inhibit range of motion and send pain down the arm. Until recently, restorative therapy options were limited to rest or surgery. But with the advent of medical advances in stem cell therapy, many patients are experiencing positive results in the rehabilitation of their shoulders after injury.

How Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

Stem cell therapy, which is also referred to as regenerative medicine, begins with stem cells growing in a laboratory. The cells are then manipulated to replicate different cell types in the human body, including blood cells, nerve cells and muscle cells. The cells are then injected into affected areas where they combine with existing cells to contribute to organic repair and regeneration of diseased or injured areas.

Unlike surgical procedures, the time needed to recover from stem cell therapy is usually days rather than weeks or months.

Am I A Candidate for Stem Cell Therapy for My Shoulder Injury?

In order to determine if you are a candidate, a doctor who specializes in stem cell therapy will perform an evaluation, taking into account the extent of the injury, personal medical history, and any previous therapies that have been used for treatment. You don’t have to travel far to be evaluated. Stem cell therapy is available in Greenwood Village and can be determined and performed locally.

Once it has been determined that the patient is a good candidate, the procedure will be scheduled and typically takes place in an outpatient facility. Recovery time is minimal and you may start feeling better in a matter of days.

While stem cell therapy may not be the best treatment for everyone with chronic shoulder pain, you may want to discuss this innovative therapy with your medical practitioner to determine if it may work for you.


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