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Headaches...What Is The Spinal Link?

Headaches are so common that we rarely question what is the cause. In the case of headache, it can be something as simple as jet lag to something truly ominous, such as a brain tumor.

If you suffer form headaches, it is important that you get the diagnosis right. Remember that head pain is the symptom-it is not the actual problem. It is a way that your body gives a signal that you have a problem. So it does require some investigation. Despite what the commercials say on TV, just diagnosing headache as a problem and driving to the drug store for a bottle of pills is not the solution. Yet many of us suffer from daily headaches for years and years and never my headache being caused by a lack of these pills in my diet?

In chiropractic, we look at this problem differently from what you see in a drug ad. First, you need to have a diagnosis and determine the cause for your head pain. Once the cause is determined, then truly corrective action can take place. We pay special attention to how your spine moves and its posture, especially the neck region. Many different research studies have shown that spinal sprains and injuries can produce head pain. And randomized clinical trials have shown that when these spinal problems are addressed with adjustments, the headaches largely disappear...and without the side effects commonly seen with prescription medications.

But every case is different. It's impossible to know without an examination, if you have a spinal problem, and whether this is the cause for your headache. Our clinic always offers complimentary in-clinic and phone consultations with a Doctor of Chiropractic.

If you are not getting your headaches under control and seemingly endless consumption of pills is not doing the trick, then why not take a different and more natural approach to your health. There is no headache bone in your spine, or a button the chiropractor can push to make the headache go away. We generally find, that once the spinal posture and motion is improved, the headaches go away on their own. It can take one visit or several, but we generally see improvements in a short period time.

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