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There May Be A Long Lasting
Solution To Your Neck Pain

If you suffer with neck pain, what would it be worth to you if you could get improvement that lasted for years?

According to a recent study, you may be able to. This study took a comprehensive look at close to actually 2,000 studies on neck pain that were not from car accidents and were not associated with headaches.

They found that spinal manipulation and mobilization are very effective forms of treatment. More importantly, the improvement that was achieved lasted for a significant length of time, up to 104 weeks after treatment ended. This long lasting level of improvement was not found with other forms of manual therapy, such as massage.

Patients with neck related headaches and neck pain treated with short-term Chiropractic care including up to two physical modalities, and customized exercises for 9-12 treatments resulted in a beneficial response.

Bottom line, research is showing that short-term Chiropractic treatment for neck pain can be very helpful to patients and offers lasting relief.
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