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A Multifaceted Approach to Treating Back Pain

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on August 27, 2019

Did you know that up to 70% of people experience non-specific back pain? Even though it’s one of the most common musculoskeletal problems, the complicated nature of back pain can make it challenging to treat. With active Colorado lifestyles, it’s easy to... Read More

Why Shoulder Pain Requires a Multi-Tiered Approach

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on July 27, 2019

It’s time to get to the source of your shoulder pain. The shoulder is a complex joint – in fact, it’s several joints! Treating shoulder pain requires much more than just symptom management. By approaching shoulder pain from multiple directions, we... Read More

Tricare Expands Coverage for Regenerative Medicine in Greenwood Village

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on June 27, 2019

Active service members, veterans, and their families now have expanded coverage for regenerative medicine through Tricare. What does this mean for service members? Effective treatments for conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, joint pain, and much more now have better coverage... Read More

Can Chiropractic Provide Headache Treatment for Greenwood Village?

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on February 12, 2019

Headaches are a common problem affecting Colorado residents. Unfortunately, many people believe that their treatment options are limited.  Going to a general practitioner for headaches may not be the best solution for you. Oftentimes, you’ll be prescribed medicine which can exacerbate... Read More

Sciatica Treatment with Chiropractic in Greenwood Village

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on January 9, 2019

Are you one of the many Colorado residents suffering from sciatica? This painful condition can be debilitating.  Many doctors rely on anti-inflammatory drugs to treat the pain. However, using medication to treat your symptoms may cause further problems.  If you’re ready to... Read More

Prevent and Treat Sports Injuries with Chiropractic Care in Greenwood Village

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on December 10, 2018

Sports injuries can put a damper on hiking, skiing, and other favorite Colorado activities very fast. They can leave you hurt or even render you unable to perform. How can you ensure that your body stays in mint condition? Chiropractic can... Read More

Targeting Neck Pain with Stem Cell Therapy

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on October 19, 2018

If you’re suffering from chronic neck pain, a few treatment options may have been offered to you, including medication and physical therapy.  But these will only provide temporary relief from your pain. They won’t treat what’s causing it.  That’s why many are... Read More

Stem Cell Therapy vs. PRP Injections: What to Expect from Both Treatments

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on September 21, 2018

Stem cell therapy and PRP injections – both are forms of regenerative medicine that utilize the natural healing of your body.  But which should you opt for and how do they differ? Below, we’ll explore these two treatments, looking at how they... Read More

Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment: The Alternatives Available

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on August 21, 2018

Around 4 million U.S. adults suffer from fibromyalgia, making it one of the most common causes of chronic pain.  Unfortunately, it’s a difficult condition to manage due to how hard it is to receive a diagnosis. Often, patients are simply given... Read More

Hormone Therapy in Greenwood Village for Increased Bone Density

Written By Belleview Spine and Wellness on July 2, 2018

Along with age, comes wisdom - and also an increased risk of fractures. As you age, and hormonal changes occur, your bone density decreases, making your bones more susceptible to fracture. Hormone therapy in Greenwood Village, CO replaces hormones in your... Read More

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