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Knee Pain Treatment in Greenwood Village and Colorado Springs

Belleview Spine and Wellness offers an expert diagnosis of the many conditions and injuries that can cause knee pain. There are a range of non-surgical treatments available depending on your needs and insurance coverage.

Our natural pain relief program can be quite effective for helping patients in pain, taking medications and facing surgery from degenerative damage in their joints. As it often takes years for joints to deteriorate enough before they fail, the age range who needs this the most are retired, on fixed incomes and can rarely afford the costs of cutting-edge treatments. Fortunately, Medicare is starting to cover a more advanced therapy program for qualified patients.

When you speak to one of our care coordinators, we will ask you a few questions regarding therapies you have tried in the past and your insurance type. Based on your medical history and coverage, an in-person consultation will be scheduled so we can formally evaluate your needs and what treatments you qualify for.

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